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Hello my name is Clarence Dies, I am a FOUR time holder of the “World Slam of Turkey Hunting”.

Thank you for visiting my website!

Three Tracks Turkey Calls is a shop that specializes in the building of custom and handmade turkey call boxes for turkey hunters. All of my calls are hand built one at a time, from the best air dried woods (butternut, cedar, walnut, sassafras, poplar and wild cherry) cut from my land or the surrounding area.

I make five models of calls, see section below for all the detailed information and pictures of the calls. All calls are signed and dated, with the owner’s option of having a name or short message put on the call.


All calls have a 30-day full money back warranty and guarantee.
Shipping charge of $6.00 per order, each additional call on the same order add $2.00

To order or for more information: Please phone, email or send postal mail to the contact information above.

One Sider Box Call

Description:Soundboard is made from butternut, poplar or cedar with a walnut lid. Stopboard is made of sassafras with a wild cherry base. A soft call for close in work or that hunter that likes a quiet and soft call. Took second place ribbon at the 2007 Georgia open Championship, and a third at the 2009 North Carolina Open and a 6th place at the 2013 NWTF Nationals in Nashville.

Cost: $25.00

Thumb-slot one sider $25.00

Deluxe Double Sided Box Call

Description: Box is made from all listed woods with a walnut lid, and a wild cherry base. A great all around call, will get loud or can be soft and subtle, very durable call made from a solid block of wood.

My best call.

Cost: $40.00

Long Box Call

Description: Box is made from butternut, sassafras or poplar with a cedar lid. A very high pitched call, it will carry its sound through wind and over long distances.  Outfitter Todd Rogers of Sayre Oklahoma called it:  “A turkey killing machine.”

Great locater call.

Cost: $35.00

Short Box Call

Description: Soundboard is made from butternut, poplar or cedar with a walnut lid, and a wild cherry base. Smaller, compact call. Good raspy sound.

Cost: $30.00

Also special order soundboard made of American chestnut.

Cost $35.00

Scratch Box Call

Description: The Scratch Box Call is small, compact, and will fit in your pocket. It will make all the hen sounds including the KEE-KEE, CLUCK, and PURR.

Cost: $15.00

Camo Logo Caps

Description: Cap with Three Tracks Turkey logo.  Cost  $14.00


Description: Box Call Chalk

Cost $2.00






An excellent source book  on all aspects of turkey hunting, both spring and fall. Over 300 pages of hard earned information written in Jim’s easy to read hard to put down style. Both novice and old pro can learn from this expert that has done most of his turkey hunting on hard pressed turkeys on public land. A valuable addition “how-to” book to any ones collection.

cost: $10.00

Well, there you have my line of calls. I hope to see you at the N.W.T.F Convention in Nashville.

Good Luck and Good Hunting!!!






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