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earlier this month, sponsored by the newspaper in the north? Jinjiang Roundtable forum ", one of the most concerned about the topic is the restructuring of listed enterprises in Jinjiang. In the next few days, the forum guests, vice president of the Beijing Institute of private economic Yang Gang visited a number of enterprises in Jinjiang for research. Faced with Jinjiang enterprises on the listing of many doubts, in the capital operation, experienced Yang Gang gives a good reminder, before the listing of enterprises must be clear purpose, inadequate preparation is the biggest listed trap. traditional industry is not suitable for US listed Yang Gang said in an interview with reporters that the purpose of the listing of enterprises to grasp, and where listed is another big problem. Yang Jian, for example, a high-tech enterprise, or IT enterprise listed in the United States may be a better choice. Because, relatively speaking, the United States is high-tech enterprises concentrated place, it's price earnings ratio is very good, can be sent to a very good price. : in the choice of listed sites on the issue, enterprises are often affected by brok cheap foamposites ers; Yang Gang believes that brokers should not be invited to intervene too early, because the brokerage may be misleading. The agency may be familiar with Singapore and recommend listing in Singapore. Familiar with the U.S. stock market, it is recommended that the United States, rather than stand in the corporate point of view to guide. however, the listing involves a number of intermediaries such as accounting, lawyers, auditing, consulting services, and so on, to the end of the investment bank (brokerage). For example, a CPA firm may join a firm to recommend a broker to a company, but that is not the case. Therefore, enterprises in the preparation of the listing process, it is best to have no interest in the interests of intermediaries and the third parties to make recommendations, the government is a very good third party organizations. most industries in Jinjiang are traditional industries. Yang Gang said, such as Jinjiang's clothing enterprises is not suitable for listing in the United States, because of its science and technology content is not high, American investors believe Chinese by textile quota restrictions, the future increase in space and prof jordans on sale online itability will be questioned. "in comparison, the securities markets in Hongkong or Shenzhen and Shanghai may not exist.". Because of the understanding of the domestic industry, as well as brand effect, making clothing enterprises in the domestic more recognized. But traditional industries with technology may also be favored in the United states. For example, the food industry to join the technology content, biotechnology, science and technology highlights can be better accepted by the target capital market, such enterprises can choose listed in the United states." Yang Gangru said. after listing, still do &n)Following the imposition of anti-dumping duties of up to 16.5% by the European Union last year, China's shoe enterprises will probably face the EU's anti circumvention investigation, which is tantamount to a disaster for our country's shoes enterprises. Yesterday, at the inaugural meeting held just Chinese footwear organization joint meeting, the Ministry of Commerce and trade bureau director Cheng Yonghe said, the EU found many footwear products in China through the Macao transit to Europe last year was the EU imposed anti-dumping duties of up to 16. cheap air jordans online 5%, the Chinese shoe enterprises will likely encounter the EU anti circumvention investigation for this, the Chinese shoe enterprises is tantamount to one disaster after another. Yesterday, at the inaugural meeting held just Chinese footwear organization joint meeting, the Ministry of Commerce and trade bureau director Cheng Yonghe said, the EU found many footwear products in China through the Macao Transit Union, has issued a note that intends to Chinese shoes export situation in Europe and Macao via the anti circumvention investigation initiated in August 7th. Circumvention refers to the way or behavior that a manufacturer or exporter reduces or avoids the imposition of anti-dumping duties through various forms and means when a country's goods are subject to anti-dumping duties by another country. Personage inside course of study expresses, the Chinese shoe that sells through Macao to European Union is not all evade case, some belong to normal trade category. In this regard, the Ministry of Commerce and trade bureau director Cheng Yonghe also said that the Ministry of Commerce worried that the EU investigation may hurt the innocent, so has been the first survey, the norm cheap jordans for sale al trade shoes business interests in mainland and Macao to protect. He reminds at the same time, the inland shoe enterprise that has a factory in Macao wants to manage good primitive data and data, in order to answer check. (Editor: admin).In the winter of 2012 Nike Dunk Sky High 2013-12-08 22:34:12 offering information in this season, Nike retains a Nike Dunk classic image at the same time the slope with the design, not only add to the beauty of women without losing the sense of movement, high shoe soles and Nike Zoom to help provide a cushion in the light for women, protecting the ankle function at the same time to buffer protection. Winter Nike Dunk Sky High will release pure color collocation suede, and classic splicing color with leather two different texture materials, a total of four color matching, so that the classic women's shoes both fashionable and functional. Nike Dunk Sky High will be sold on October in the national Gate store, the price is 869 yuan. Like girls can pay attention to.Air Jordan Andre Wards Fight Night Gear boxing shoes 2013-12-08 22:30:28 Jordan Brand made an attempt in recent years in many different areas, like American football and baseball, Retro jordans for sale recently, it was a well-known boxer Andre Ward launched a suit, including shoes, pants, jacket etc.. Jordan Brand for the nickname "God's son" boxers launched shoes Andre Wards Fight Night Gear using a navy blue / White / gold color match, very texture, all of the individual products are added "S.O.G" (God's son) in English abbreviation, very special.Recently, the Japanese brand hobo spring and summer of 2012 new products continue to emerge. There are a variety of accessories not only new products, but also launched this Suede 5 Hole Deck Shoe. Highlights the soft comfort leather suede material, hobo more on classic sailing shoes was modified barrel design with jute weaving in the end, very fit the brand has always been casual loafer style. Suede 5 Hole Deck Shoe MOC toe in traditional design uploaded on more decorative leather tassels for shoes and add more detail and texture. The hobo brand throughout the system in Portugal, please contact your local staff person to handmade boots, two color options, while the price of 22,890 yen can be said to be value for money. Source: hobo & nbsp;Puma Future Disc HST Dip Dye new color debut 2014-02-24 21:06:29 's "Disc" system new jordans shoes for sale 's future temperament and exaggerated styling attract a group of loyal crowd, the launch of the new color matching includes a black powder and a gray green color matching, a jump, a fresh, respectively adapted to different styles of dress needs. There is no specific information on the new color matching sale, so please follow the follow-up reports.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Last summer, played for the Miami Heat's LeBron James nearly four years decided to return to his hometown team the Cleveland Cavaliers?. At the time, as its sponsor one's Beats seize this point, we launched a set of ads with the theme of the James home. repercussions quite warm, since James and his hometown Cleveland has become a useful advertising Eyes. Today last season, Golden State Warriors finally defeated by James led the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals in the 2014-2015 season. As James side, in addition to the pass and championship rings, he is also behind many sponsors realized that the moment the final whistle - who write copy for victory are scrapped. Meanwhile, the city of Cleveland is clearly not easy. After a few days, Nike in its way to the finals made a response. It will publish a plain text copy on the Cleveland local media Cleveland Plain Dealer, no colorful pictures or what the latest mobile Internet technology. It cited a section of the Cavaliers achievements and problems encountered in this season, such as poor performance before the second half of the season until January 16 away to the Los Angeles Lakers in the game began to change; for example they encounter this in the finals season, the best record in the league, get 67 wins and 15 losses Golden State Warriors, and so on. The last two sentences copywriting is written like this: But this is not Hollywood, but Cleveland. Everything is coming to fight, nothing is no reason. Just do it ...... theme home compared to the Beats, Nike likened the Cleveland game losing backing. Although the city itself ushered in the NBA superstar, but it is also to create a legend in itself. so will upgrade the city brand advertising as something like advertising, is also reached a new height of it. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: China sports shoes Network)According to domestic media counterparts FC news, May 24th AJ6 carmine sale and May 29th night replenishment have a large number of orders is no reason to cancel and refund, but NikeStore officials did not notice, a lot of friends in order to reflect the normal payment still be canceled, funds have been returned to the bank or payment account. In the 21CN poly complaints platform home page, we can see that there is a collective complaint entitled "Nike (Nike) China's official website to commit Oolong customers missed limited edition shoes", and friends who have related experiences can refer to it. Nike SB recently launched Bruins Low purple color matching. Like most Bruins, the uppers are made of Purple Suede, and the canvas lines on the sides correspond with the purple shoes, and the visual effects are impressive. Nylon tongue and logo have also used a purple tone, in addition to throwing purple upper lines, vulcanization sole gray, but also give people a fresh feeling, the shoes will be officially on sale recently, love friends can look at. although last week have ID customization options shelves in succession, but after the "USA" color and "V-8" color KD 8 or into the a relatively quiet time, and overwhelmed by this KD 8 "hunt 's Hill Sunrise" color again exposure will lead the series into a commercially available phase; shoes or on July 25 landing part of the retail store shelves. get reloaded, search the app market, "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! 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