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[Chinese shoes Network - Domestic News Recently, the Public Environmental Research Center, five environmental organizations jointly issued a research report, a number of large textile and apparel brands and retailers, including Zara, Li Ning and Nike, etc., of In China there is a serious supply chain environmental violations, serious impact on China's water environment. Reporters learned that on the 12th, a number of traced companies declined to respond. 48 apparel brands caught in "sewage door" 12 pm, deputy director of the Public Environmental Research Center Wang Jingjing in the interview with this reporter, said that they and the Friends of Nature, Dahl asked, ring the Friends of Science and Technology, Nanjing Greenstone and other environmental NGO organizations which lasted four more than 1 year of domestic sewage gig textile companies and brand apparel supplier after an investigation found that more than 6,000 before, in more than 130 well-known clothing brands and processing of these companies, a total of 48 brand suppliers there are serious violations of sewage record , many of whom Li Ning, Nike and other well-known clothing brand Zara. reporter in the report that the above illegal enterprises usually caused by kangaroo underground pipe, sewage straight row, not the normal use of sewage treatment facilities, excessive discharge of pollutants exceed the total amount, etc., and more by the local environmental protection department punished or deadline Governance. "Basically finishing made by the database." Talked about the acquisition process of the investigation report, Wang Jingjing presentation, the Public Environmental Research Center beginning to develop its inception in 2006 and running China Water Pollution Map and air pollution map of China two database, database all the information from the relevant government environmental departments in each illegal sewage corporate records disclosed so far collected a total of more than 97,000 pieces records polluting enterprises, including more than 6,000 textile enterprise information. After determining the enterprise, through massive search, the official website, financial reports and reports of listed companies listed, find these foundries in the end in which brands to do "wedding dress." So far a number of companies did not respond traced Wang Jingjing introduced, they sent the case on March 22 this year, 26 and 29, respectively, to 48 brand operators explained CEO letter. After the letter is issued, only 15 brands to make a positive response to these issues. Where Nike, Esquel, Wal-Mart, Adidas has taken action and said it would be resolved quickly query and promote the event. According to her, most brands still did not respond, which includes both Marks & amp; Spencer, Esprit, CalvinKlein, Armani, Car jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black refour and other international brands, including 361 degrees, Anta, Younger and other domestic brands. Business Metersbonwe brand ????? he says that has nothing to do with the company. He said the company is mainly engaged in the retail brand, and not the manufacturer, so the company is not present environmental problems. 12 afternoon, the reporter called the Zara mentioned in the report, Nike, Li Ning, Kappa, Anta, Puma, pure, Metersbonwe, Youngor, Uniqlo and other business-related departments, but as of this writing, in addition to Puma and outside Uniqlo, all business-related calls are in no one answered or busy. UNIQLO Shanghai headquarters staff members told reporters that she had never heard of the report and refused to accept further telephone interview. Wang Jingjing told reporters that they had received the reply a Zara said:. "We regret we can not answer a question for our business model from schools, universities and professionals and other individuals," Reporters learned, the public environmental research Centre currently has eight full-time staff, the preliminary investigation report is she led eight volunteers together to complete. 5 environmental organizations have been exposed to Apple's During the interview, Wang Jingjing told reporters, according to her understanding, toxic chemical contamination of the environment with toxic clothing can carry on to consumers living areas, and for other residues whether consumers will have an impact remains to be further study . brands whether the water pollution is responsible for the foundry? There are environmental lawyers that, although equal contractual relationship between suppliers and brands, brands can also be considered in the choice of their environmental supplier grade, though not legally binding mandatory, but will affect the environmental consciousness of the downstream business, and then have to increase investment in environmental protection orders. As a low-cost manufacturing of beneficiaries, suppliers brands overseeing the protection of the environment. President of Jinan City, the textile services industry association ??? also said the United States and the 12th in the afternoon in an interview, brands respond on behalf of the plant is responsible for this violation, "There SA8000 namely 'social responsibility standards' international, foreign companies in selection Chinese suppliers, it should according to CSR criteria for selecting supply chain companies. "According to reports, the standard of the brand industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises made strict provisions to protect the local natural environment. According to reports, last August, the domestic five environmental NGO organizations, including the Public Environmental Research Center jointly released report, including jordan 3 katrina 2018 , Apple announced a supply chain in China's pollution map. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)some people usually like to ride a bike when they like to look at the west, the brain hole is such a ~~~horizontal groove, and the wind! The wind ~ good ~ high ~ ah ~ ~ to ~ is ~ top fly spicy to God to why to to such whole ~ I ~ (& deg;, & deg. "),the weather is not right, but don't rain. This ( A ; `).mom, a little pain in the butt. Your hard ass ah, you, daddy. (~ ~ delta ~ ~), Ding Dingbai's position is a bit uncomfortable! , ( ? To? ")?yo... In front of the bike riding Gu Liang did not see ah, to catch up with the beauty of the United States is not greasy. (^O^): ah! The girl ass good alice! (* *); " ah ~ a lot of people playing on the playground ah ~ () / ~ the group of smelly X do not kick the ball over ah! You dare to hit me, I'm sitting on the ground crying for you to see! actually I want to play football! But the meniscus is not easy. This ( A ; `).that's why he keeps staring at me, will he come and bite me? ( , ")ah ~ good ah ~ ~ can't stop if could have been so good ~ * Liu Po Wang at Wang *hey, who in front, wear a pair of jeans to ride a few meaning! well?? My violent temper with ( A ; `).what would you like to do when you ride a bike? Welcome to the comments below, see who's brain bigger hole!Air Jordan 12 Retro copy of the return of the king, who? At the beginning of 2010, we have from Ray Allen (Ray Allen), Gerald Wallace (Gerald Wallace), DJ Augustin (DJ Augustin) and Joe Johnson (Joe Johnson) and other players, see a series of a variety of fantastic players Air Jordan 12 special edition, and now, Dewayne Wade (Dwyane Wade) to add a different note new products, like last month just fresh out of the popular masterpiece. Today's "NBA battle shoes king", "scene of the storm" column, immediately for everyone to offer wonderful new players, do not note big meal. last night, Dwayne Wayne carry a whole is white / red Air Jordan 12 shocking debut, scored 32 points and hit a remarkable record, becoming the Miami heat hero. At first glance, who thought that the two players don't note war shoes are Air Jordan 12 white / red color version released in mid December last year, but if you look carefully, you will find that don't note war shoes Wade in the body of the shoe side bottom out of a golden trapeze signs. In addition, the tongue seems to have carved a golden trapeze trademark, the two gold decorated with heat Jersey and contrast but really. Is this pair of shoes with the original Air Jordan 12 white / red classics, who is superior, as far as the answer from the field and sent back in the following NBA war xiewang frontline reporters for the first time to watch an exclusive report, and you will also enjoy Lebron James jordans on sale mens (LeBron James), Williams (Mo Williams) and Danny Grainger (Danny Granger) and many other basketball shoes superstar fighting style. Source: Battle shoes Wang Dwayne Wade - Air Jordan 12 Retro PEs players Dwayne Wade - Air Jordan 12 Retro PEs players Dwayne Wade - Air Jordan 12 Retro PEs players , Jose, Calderon (Jose, Calderon) and Mo Williams - Lining (Li-Ning) PE players don't note version & Nike, Hyperdunk, Low, low, Jermaine ONeil (Jermaine, O, Neal) - Nike Air Max Rise newspaper as New , Balance winter shoes, representatives of the 530 series, has always held the dark shoes as a sign of winter and autumn. The new series in this season released "Triple Black" color. In the design of shoes, all black design is adopted while retaining ENCAP slow shock sole. Leather, nubuck and suede and other advanced materials throughout the shoes always, also ensure the good air permeability. 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The design is mainly to draw inspiration from the California desert, with all kinds of flowers and national printing design, and special knitting uppers details, to create a variety of sports shoes and shoe Derby, brings a wide variety of collocation selection for next spring and summer. 0.jpg (662.23 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-7-20 upload at 11:48 1.jpg (470.56 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-7-20 upload at 11:48 2.jpg (686.94 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-7-20 upload at 11:48 3.jpg (540.98 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-7-20 upload at 11:48 4.jpg (774.31 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-7-20 upload at 11:48 5.jpg (691.2 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-7-20 upload at 11:48 6.jpg (605.26 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-7-20 upload at 11:48 7.jpg (502.67 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-7-20 11:48 upload spring and summer[Chinese shoes Network - News] Nike (Nike) recently told reporters that support the "trapeze" Michael & middot; Jordan (Michael Jordan) sued Jordan Sports Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Jordan sports" below). The move, let between Nike and Jordan sports a decade too hard grudges attention again. Jordan sports, told reporters, did not receive any legal documents filed suit Chinese courts, unclear Michael & middot; Jordan's claims. Prior to the Nike company to make such a declaration, already there are rumors that Michael & middot; Jordan sued Jordan sports driving force behind Nike, and refers to the Nike Jordan sports listed before such a sensitive time to push the matter, the purpose is to prevent Jordan sports market, which would weaken the threat to their opponents. For is "the driving force behind" the question, Nike did not respond positively to reporters. Nike said in a statement: "We support Michael & middot; Jordan has always been to protect his brand, his name and his efforts in the use of Chinese consumers made Michael & middot; Jordan is not just one of the most representative. athlete, his name is synonymous with excellence in athletic performance and high quality products we understand this for Michael & middot;. Jordan is a very important event, and we also support the efforts he made on this event. " In fact, Nike and Jordan Sports "grudge" does not only happen in the moment. As early as 10 years ago, Nike has raised objections on the registration of trademarks Jordan sports. February 22, 2002, Jordan sports company Nike marked with Pinyin "QIAODAN" and Chinese "Jordan" athletes left dribbling word mark objected to the Trademark Office, and then in the same year, Nike has also proposed six trademark dispute; in 2007, Nike and Jordan athletes right hand dribble trademark dispute, said a total of eight objections were rejected. Nike early in the 1980s with Michael & middot; Jordan co-founded one of the basketball section of the sub-brand "Air Jordan" (translated as trapeze). December 2001, Jordan sports application pattern athletes left dribbling registered trademark, in April 2002, Jordan sports and apply for trademark pinyin "QIAODAN" and Chinese "Jordan" message. In a very long period of time, Jordan sports products and Nike's "Air Jordan" product is "interfere with each" state. From the price point of view, the first half of 2011, the average price of Jordan sports apparel is 48.91 yuan per piece, footwear average selling price is 80.64 yuan per twin, far below the price of the Nike "Air Jordan" series. In the sales market, Jordan sports with Nike has little intersection. Nike, Adidas, Puma and other international sports brand products targeted for high-end sports equipment, target consumer groups to big city life have a higher income earners, higher product pricing, market and major customers concentrated in the economically more developed second-tier cities , shops mainly located in upscale shopping malls in major cities; Jordan and other local sports brand in China second and third tier cities and even counties, the city settled the municipal development, Li Ning, Anta, 361 degrees, special steps are the main competitors Jordan sports. If Jordan sports the future business development focus on areas outside of basketball, perhaps not cause Michael & middot; Jordan or Nike's worried, but actually not the case. In recent years, Jordan basketball shoes is one of the major application areas of sport. Jordan sports year introduced a new type of sports shoes and apparel products in nearly 2000 models, basketball products are ranked first. Including basketball shoes, footwear becoming more and more important in the business structure of the Jordan sports. In 2008, Jordan sports shoes sold 5.75 million pairs, achieved sales of about 4.9 billion yuan, an increase of approximately 96 percent over the previous year; in 2009 the company sold 8.55 million pairs of shoes, achieved sales of about 7.2 billion yuan, more than last year an increase of approximately 49%; in 2010 the company sold 13.6 million pairs of shoes, achieved sales of about 1.18 billion yuan, an increase of about 63 percent over the previous year. Jordan sports footwear also expanding production capacity, the future will invest 495 million yuan expansion of footwear production base, and has invested 129 million yuan to improve research and development capabilities. In 2001, still in the "infancy" of Jordan sports application for trademark registration has allowed Jordan sports pins and needles, 10 years later, Nike has sufficient reasons to support Michael & middot; Jordan proceedings. But not this judge Nike "Behind the scenes", is still a mystery. (Chinese shoes Network - the most professional and authoritative Footwear News)Basketball rookie Emmanuel Mudiay joins Under Armour 2014-09-17 16:23:34 Mudiay joined our team, Under Armour's are more of a young Under Armour global market, the bright younger generation "executive vice president Matt Mirchin said," as a young player, Emanuel has a complete game experience, he is a leader, when you see him standing the court can see him out tough and strong. When you combine this toughness with his devotion to training and his positive attitude, you'll see that he has the potential to be a long term special player, and we're very proud to be part of his basketball career". Mudiay was born in Congo; his basketball career started in his middle school in Dezhou, Dallas. His excellent performance in high school and summer league made him pay close attention to the country quickly. Recognized as the leader of the field, the desire to win the game, Mudiay won the state championship in high school, and was selected two times in the Under Armour sponsored elite 24 national elite competition. In the 2014-2015 season of CBA (Chinese men's Professional Basketball League), he will play for the Guangdong Dongguan bank team. "Under Armour is the pursuit of the highest competition this ultimate dream is an important step," Mudiay said, "Under Armour is the best partner, because they are committed to bring the best sports equipment for the athletes, they know how to footwear products of their performance, let more excellent athletes." by the designer show ingenuity interpretation, 574 Backpack series 574 series of retro shoes again in front of the world is wonderful. The new design uses super wear resistant, high strength bullet proof nylon to highlight the unique street temperament of the trend people, and the unique material allows you to enjoy the fun of wearing. At the same time, nylon material can significantly enhance the permeability of the shoes, very suitable for the influx of people in the summer Coldplay street. In the side of the shoes with high texture 〉!had a high degree of concern of the new generation Balenciaga Triple-S explosion models, in addition to Paris before Colette released book, now in the United States Barneys New York store shelves, priced at $795, and bring three color reservation. if you like, just click here to go to the online store to check out. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! last year's surprise return to the popularity of shoe type Nike Air Footscape Woven Chukka, this time ushered in a pair of simple "Light Bone" color. The design is made of grey, white suede and nylon material. It is decorated with signs and woven detailing. It gives a retro aesthetic to the streets, and finally comes with a white Footscape sole. It is reported that this Air Footscape Woven Chukka will soon shelves at the NSW gate stores, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chinese shoes network on January 13 hearing, after the expected first Super multinational sporting goods giant Nike in sales in 2009, becoming the first Chinese sports brand, Li Ning began to have more confidence to enter the Nike Camp plug in "red flag." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Recently, Li Ning in the United States opened the first store opened in Portland, low-key, analysts said, which means that Li Ning in the Chinese market sales of more than Nike, began the battlefield extends to Nike's "camp" the US market. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Li Ning's a familiar source said, Li Ning's first store in the United States on January 5 this year, the official opening, the store sells newly developed Li Ning basketball, badminton and China Kung Fu several categories of products, including Chinese Kung Fu series of products in China has not sold, all from domestic manufacturing to the United States, the store's employees are recruited locally. Are US store product price is consistent with the domestic as well as sales performance last week is still unknown. & nbsp; & nbsp; the informed source, the first store in Portland was chosen first because the United States R & D center set up in 2008, Li Ning is also here, the number of employees has increased the R & D center 20 to 30 people, more familiar with the local environment, and research and development centers and stores relationship like "Upstairs Downstairs" can take care of each other; the other Portland footwear designer and marketing, creative companies gathered, The latest fashion in the international sporting goods birth place, Li Ning store can function display. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in fact, Portland is Nike's R & D base is located, with Nike headquarters in Beaverton (BEAVERTON) is also not far away, plus research and development centers set up after Li Ning, Li Ning and Nike war "war" step by step burn the latter's doorstep.